Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bra Review: Elila Stretch Lace Banded Underwire (in ivory)

I was wary of this bra because of it's construction.  I was expecting to get a "tarp on a boat" look but was pleasantly surprised.  The cup is constructed of three pieces of material with an inner sling for additional support along the underwire.  This sling is really what sold it for me.  Up until this bra, the 100 or so other bras that I had tried did not have enough immediate projection (see this post for a short explanation about projection) and I ended up with an underwire that would be riding low after a few hours.  Not this bra.  The sling accommodated the immediate projection and the bra didn't have to do any adjusting in order for my breast to find its way to the deepest portion of the cup.  It was already there thanks to that sling.  Also, the sling wraps all the way around the outside of the cup and becomes part of the shoulder strap, making for quite a bit of stability.  You could darn near almost wear the bra during a low- to medium-impact fitness activity.

Another aspect that I like: wide wings.  This bra is four hooks tall in the back (and three columns at that).  This is a very nice aspect if you have concerns about back fat or you just want a fairly smooth line under your blouse.  And it doesn't roll.  The band stays put.

The lace is quite pretty and, even after a 12 hour day, not itchy.  It gets humid where I live and work so this is another welcome feature.  The seams do show through as do the texture of the bra.  For me, this isn't a deal breaker but, for others, I know it would be that's why I mention it.

What I do have to make adjustments for: It's not meant for low tops.  Not even U-neck--what is that "Crew neck"?  Anyhow, the edge of the lace shows.

But, with all the pros and the fact that it comes in four colors: Black, Ivory, Plum, and Red (with a Coral coming Spring of 2016), I can't help but love this bra.  Oh, did I mention how awesome the price point is?  Around $50.  Definitely a steal for such a snazzy garment.

One last tidbit: the bra in larger sizes isn't just "sized up" from the smaller size via some funky math i.e adding a specific number of inches to the base fit of, say, a 34B.  It's fit to a model in that size so it's going to be more true to size i.e. the 42C is fit to a model that wears a 42C (rather than just adding eight inches to the 34 band).

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Did you give us the name of this bra? How do I find it?

    1. The name is the title of this post. :) It can be found on under the Underwire section.