Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Short Explanation About Immediate Projection*

*edited Sept 2016 to state that Immediate Projection is interchangeable with Bottom-of-the-Cup Projection and Immediate Depth.*

I received my new bras today.  Not the ones that end my ongoing Perfect Fit journey but the ones that are going to get me through while I continue that journey.  The ones that fit Oh My Goodness so much better than the ones that I’ve been wearing up until now.  They’re not perfect though.  They’re a bit too shallow.  You may ask: What does “shallow” mean in the context of bras?  Well, it’s quite similar to what it means in the traditional sense: not enough space for the item that it must contain.  It becomes readily apparent when you put on a bra and even more so if you have what is known as “immediate projection.” 

Here is my attempt to duplicate/illustrate immediate projection (***edited to add: as it pertains to me and my "girls"):

It’s different from being pendulous, even if there is a bit of breast tissue below the InfraMammary Fold--where the underside of breast tissue meets the ribcage.  
My illustration for pendulous:

So, when you have immediate projection, if you put on a bra that is too shallow, the portion of the breast tissue that “projects” the most from your ribcage is going to, essentially, seek out the deepest part of the cup.  This often results in a bit of bra flatness between the bottom of the breast and the underwire.

See that flatness here (my index finger is actually resting on it):

So, that is why these new bras aren’t perfect but, if you’ve seen my original bras, you can see they are infinitely better than before.

I have to say: It feels odd to not be adjusting my breasts constantly.  They're no longer in danger of falling out the bottom (because they've pushed the bra too far from my ribcage) or popping out the top (because they worked their way up and over).  It's rather nice.  :D

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  1. Great post! Some women don't understand the need for a deeper cup when you are projected and need to go a little more "North and South" as opposed to "East and West. I was thinking of taking a piece of floral wire, wrapping it around my breast to get the right wire shape (width) and using it as a guide when comparing the measurements of wires on Bratabase. One of my best fitting bras is Affinitas' Odette in 34FF as the wires are Average to Wide and rigid, and the cup has a lot of depth at the apex. The wires sit pretty well in the correct spot all day, but one breast is actually narrower than the other but it's not enough to bother me or cause any kind of shifting. I use this bra to compare any others for fit. Good luck in your journey!