Saturday, October 31, 2015

Closed the Chapter at Victoria's Secret

Because my conscience kept eating at me, knowing that what my customers needed was not actually sold at VS (where most bras are very shallow in depth and there really isn't "A [bra] For Every Body"), I opted to close the chapter there.  I couldn't work another shift where I had attempt to sell an item that I knew wasn't going to fit my customers.  I couldn't put my customers in a sister size of 32B when what they really needed was a 28D.  Or if they needed a 34G and sister size them into a 38DDD.  Maybe they needed a bra with immediate projection.  They're SO not going to find that in any bra there--where nearly every cup is made from one whole piece of material rather that the multi-piece cup that immediate projection calls for.  I feel like I can rest easier, knowing that I can talk about the local bra store Buttercups and other places to acquire bras that run the gamut of sizes 28-56, and A-(UK)KK, and beyond.

My previous place of employment has done a great job of marketing themselves.  Folks think that they are the end all, be all of the bra world; but, you know what, there's a whole world of bras out there.  Just check out this page for a list of bloggers: Lingerie Blogger Database on etsylingerie.  So many discuss various styles, fits, and places to shop.  Just like what I've embarked upon with my own blog--one more resource so that you can be well informed when you shop.

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