Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Breasts have roots? What are they, trees?

In a previous post, I wrote a short summary about immediate projection as it pertains to my own breasts.  (You can read it here: A Short Explanation About Immediate Projection ) This post is going to be more about roots with a bit about projection as well.

Roots are the place that your breast connects to your chest wall.  If you were to think of things like Egyptian pyramids or a skyscraper, roots would be the foundation of them--that first layer of stone.  You may find it funny that I use a pyramid or a skyscraper as an example because the breasts that we see in media NEVER look like such a thing but there are breasts out there that are very much conical--they project so immediately that they look like small pyramids on their sides.  There is nothing wrong about this shape.  It's just a shape that some folks have.  But, I digress.

Roots can be tall and they can be short.  Tall roots often start up near the collar bone.  Large busted women can feel like they're going to get strangled by their breasts when they lay down because all the breast tissue might slide up to their neck.  Below, is my rendition of (two portrayals of) tall roots:

The top of the breast is well above the InfraMammary Fold.  In none of my drawings have I drawn nipples.  This is deliberate.  I wanted people to be able to see their own breasts in my pictures so that they can get a better idea of their shape.
In the picture above, both the shapes are a more immediate projection with the one on the right being less full in general.  Each are pendulous as well--there is considerable tissue below the IMF.

Below, is my depiction of (two portrayals of) short roots:
The top of the breast is much nearer the IMF, with the drawing on the right being less full in general.  Both would be considered to have immediate projection as well as being pendulous.

In both pictures, the image on the right might be considered to have softer tissue.  It's more easy to manipulate and might be more forgiving when trying to find a bra that fits.  Although my own breasts look like neither of the images in the bottom picture, they do have short roots.  Mine resemble the drawing in the post linked above and have been described--based upon Fit Checks on reddit--as being short enough that I'm functionally Full on Bottom even though I'm equally FoB and FoT.

Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men, has tall roots.  The tops of her breasts start almost at her shoulders--internet search any image of her to see what I'm talking about.  Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, has medium to short roots--images from her movie Gia are what I used as reference.
**edited to add that it was brought to my attention that Christina Hendricks may not actually have tall roots.  She may just be always wearing an ill fitting bra and that her breast tissue may be soft enough that it's pushed up and over, creating some serious muffin-top.  However, I think the pictures of her help to understand the concept of tall roots.

Breast root height are just one more thing to take into consideration when trying to find a bra that fits.


  1. Hi I have a question,

    How does the tallness vs shortness of a root relate to the actual placement? For clarification, I mean that I have highset roots that are already closer to my shoulders, so how do I tell of I have short or tall roots?. Thank you.



    1. I apologize that it took me so long to reply to this. Being that you have highset roots, it's probably safe to just consider your shape as having tall roots simply because, even if they're average, they will still extend up higher than mid-placed average roots. I hope that helps.