Friday, September 30, 2016

Inspired to Help Women Find Their Size; Just Not Inspired to Post Anything New...Til Now.

A few weeks ago, I (as is stated in the military) got my "peepee spanked" for linking my blog willy nilly just for the sake of linking my blog.  And, even though I really was trying to help the person on whose thread I'd linked my blog, there was some truth to the statement.  As a result, my brain went into questioning mode.  "Do I really have anything to contribute?"  "Is what I offer valid/useful?" and on and on.  Granted, I haven't been as informed for as long as the moderators on the sub on which I was posting my links but my answer still came to a resounding YES.  Why?  Because I have mid-band, mid-cup boobs and that perspective is different from the "usual" 28, 30 and 32 bands that are on there and might be more useful to the 40, 42, 44 bands that post.

So, I continue to read and learn and I still post links that I know are helpful--even when there seems to be an ongoing discussion about what terms are correct to use and which ones are not.  The discussion on "Immediate Projection", alone, is enough to make your head spin.  But I press on, bowing to the "voice" of whomever is speaking the loudest about what terms to use.  I like the term Immediate Projection because you can explain that the breast tissue "projects immediately from the rib cage where the two meet."

I continue to tell folks that cross my path, at work and out and about in town, about my blog.  If only so that they go to the bra size calculator and discover that most retailers measure you incompletely.  I don't say "wrong" because they are using a couple measurements that determine a correct fit but they aren't using ALL of them.  Did it just the other day, at the gym.  I saw this poor woman with her bra band nearly up to her shoulders on her back.  I always try to mention the blog right away so that ladies don't think I'm some kind of stalker.  It also helps explain my passion for helping women get what fits.  If they're able to glean some nuggets about shape, great!  If it leads them to the reddit sub, even better!!  I just want them to find what fits even if it doesn't fit perfect.  Fitting *better* is good too.

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