Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Offer vs Victoria's Secret (and Other Retailers)

I think it’s important to make a post specific to any potential conflict of interest with my part time job, Victoria’s Secret.  I am not looking to take ANY business away from them.  If any of my (future) clients have sizes that fit within their size range and the styles they have are what said clients are looking for, you can bet I will be referring them there. 
It’s my intent to help those who can’t shop in (pretty much) ANY bricks and mortar store.  Most retailers carry sizes that fall into a specific size range, often referred to as: The Bra Matrix.  It’s those size that run from 32A up to 38DD, for the most part.  Now, I know that a number of department stores carry larger cups in the 36-42 band spectrum—cup sizes like G, H, and maybe I—but where are the Ns for those bands?  Or…where are the Gs, Hs, and Is for the 32 band?  Then there’s folks who find that a 32 band size is just too big.  A few retailers are starting to carry 30s and that’s awesome but where are the 28s?  Lastly, is the folks that need a small cup who have a large band size.  Where are the A and B cups for the bands that are larger than 42?

It’s my intent to help the outliers who, ironically, probably make up the majority.  If you calculate into those “outlier” sizes, I’m here to help you.  Let me help you find what fits because, I promise you, it’s not YOU, it’s the BRA that is shaped or styled wrong.  YOU are created perfect.


  1. I am really hoping we can see each other on your next trip and do a new fitting. I am hoping to have lost weight as a result o changing my diet (which you've also helped with).

    1. I'll keep you posted on my next trip to your neck of the woods and will conduct a bra fit event like what I'm hoping to get started here--where I order a multitude of styles in the calculate size and we figure out what fits. Maybe take your current measurements so that you know what calculated size is your starting point. :)

  2. For some reason I just now saw your response to my post.